The Grey Cup at the Cottage

Grey Cup Sunday at the Cottage!

Grey Cup Sunday at the Cottage! We know every Sunday at the Cottage is awesome but Grey Cup Sunday is the time to kick back, stoke the logs in the great room fireplace, and cuddle with the family under Hudsons Bay blankets. The lake is dark and chilly, but inside is warm and toasty. The  roars and cheers for the favourite team fill the space with cheer and celebration.



This is our nation’s largest single- day sporting event. It seems fitting that the cherished tradition of the Grey Cup is watched, cheered and feted at another cherished tradition – the family cottage.


The Grey Cup. What is more Canadian?

The cottage, football, fun, family and treasured traditions!  One out of every 3 Canadians watches the game which is preceded by parties and celebrations in the host city…and in cottages across Muskoka. This year, the 105th Grey Cup Game will be held in the nation’s capital. Party we will as we celebrate the game on our 150th centennial year of true north strong and free nationhood.   If you can’t be in Ottawa for this year’s game- there is no better place to be than at the cottage with family and friends from around the lake.



Over the years the Grey Cup has taken a beating – it’s been stolen, sat-on, survived a fire, held for ransom and head-butted. In 2008 it traveled to Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan where on Canada Day is was passed around Canadian personnel stationed at the base. The cup is the oldest sports trophy on the North American Continent. It was created by Birks Jewellers in 1909 and donated by Governor General Earl Grey for the football championship.

For a Canadian weekend at the cottage in late November, there is nothing better than the family gathered around the big screen placing just for fun bets on their favourite  team and neighbours popping in to share the fun and good times.

Grey Cups tidbits – Did you know?

  • Founded in 1873 The Toronto Argonauts are the oldest team.
  • In 1912 the game was delayed an hour while officials looked for a football.
  • A week before the 1939 game in Toronto, the weather turned wet and then cold. The grounds crew poured 400 gallons of gasoline on the field and set it ablaze a day before the game.
  • 1947 it survived a three-alarm fire at the Argonaut Rowing Club
  • 1959 a fan tripped a player as he ran down the sideline, though no rule was in place at the time, it did not impact the outcome of the game as the final score was 32-7.
  • The Cup has been stolen twice 1967 & 1969
  • In 1995 the Baltimore Stallions won the Gray cup as Canada’s best football team, the first and only American Franchise to win the trophy.
  • It’s been played in fog, mud, snow & ice.


For all the fans watching whether you are cheering for the Stampeders or the Argos – enjoy this exciting Canadian day of tradition.