Muskoka Hauntings

Let’s start this post off by watching a long past client still dancing up a storm at the cottage.


Muskoka Hauntings

…Halloween is the time to think of a few spots in Muskoka that have been reported as haunted. Here are four prominent Muskoka “haunting” spots. Lots of unexplained happenings that seem a bit spooky.

The Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge

The Inn at the Falls is said to be haunted by three ghosts. “Bob” has a temper in the kitchen and often throws things, “Charlie” who can be found sitting at the top of the staircase leading to the rooms and “Sarah” who adds lots of drama as she wanders the halls and goes room to room while crying hysterically.  When staying over at the inn, be prepared for some paranormal activity.


The Bala Bay Inn

Room 319 of The Bala Bay Inn was where E.B. Sutton died in 1917. Sutton didn’t really want to check out that soon and can still be heard and seen wandering the hallways of the inn.


The Gravenhurst Opera House

The Gravenhurst Opera House is home to a ghost known as “Ben”. Ben was a former lighting man who fell to his death from the catwalk. Ben often disrupts performances by fooling with the lighting, opening and closing doors, making noise walking about and playing with temperature – making cold spots and drafts in the dressing rooms.


Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park 

Canoe Lake is the site where the famous Group of Seven artist Tom Thompson drowned (or was murdered)…Many visitors have reported seeing Thompson’s ghost wandering the grounds around the lake and canoeist report having a strange presence near when they are on the lake.

Even if you are a skeptic of our Muskoka restless souls and their hauntings, get in the spirit of Halloween and indulge in a spooky ghost story. Happy Halloween.