“We have had the pleasure of working with Jay as both buyers and sellers. In both situations Jay helped us to close deals that may not have happened with a lesser agent.

As buyers, we found that Jay was consistently well organized and very knowledgeable about the properties we wanted to see. She helped us to see the additional details that increased or reduced the value of each property. We were very impressed with Jay’s ability to follow through and complete commitments to us. Our purchase was a conditional one that spanned several months. Jay stayed in touch with us and helped to find  common ground when the purchase looked like it might fall apart. We were delighted with the house that Jay helped us to buy.

As sellers, we were even more impressed. Jay made the listing process easy for us and made our house look terrific. We had many showing and a good offer within weeks. During the offer and negotiation process is where Jay has abilities that are well above any other agents we have worked with. She helped us to see our options, let us make the decisions and kept the paperwork to a minimum. She worked hard through several weekends to help close our sale quickly.

Even more impressive is that Jay was representing both buyers and sellers in both of our transactions. Jay helped us to get the best deal without compromising any of our information. We both trust Jay entirely and would certainly work with her again.”

Jane and Tony